Phoebe Washburn, Nunderwater NortLab11, detail, 2011, detail

About Us.

About the National Academy.
The National Academy is a community of artists, students, museum-goers, and supporters of the arts. Since 1825, the National Academy Museum, School, and association of esteemed artists and architects—National Academicians—have been united in the common goal of bringing art to all through arts education and exhibition.  Building and sharing the heritage of the arts in America is central to our mission.

Academy Museum.
The Academy Museum celebrates the visual journey of the arts in America.  Marked by discovery, experimentation and innovation, the Museum’s permanent collection—comprised of artist-submitted works—offers profound insights into the story of American art. Through special exhibits, ARTalks and events, the Museum shares the living, growing legacy of the prominent artists and architects in the National Academy.

National Academicians.
Each year since 1825, a select group of the nation’s most celebrated professional artists and architects are elected to become members of the Academy. Past and present Academicians range from Andrew Wyeth and Frank Lloyd Wright to Cindy Sherman and Frank Gehry. Upon induction, each Academician presents the Academy Museum with a selection from their body of work.  The Museum’s unique permanent collection now includes over 7,000 works.

Academy School.
The Academy School offers studio-based study in an intimate, creative environment that supports the journey of each student. A faculty of over 30 members lead courses and specialized workshops in painting, drawing, sculpture, new media, video and photography, printmaking, mixed media, and art theory. Offerings range from our Studio Intensive Art Program to youth workshops.