Mark Bradford, Father, You Have Murdered Me, 2012

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Hear artist and architect members of the National Academy talk about their work, the Academy, and the significance of being a National Academician.

Dotty Attie, painter, photographer, and printmaker
“By having members from all over, it disseminates the idea that art is a very inclusive thing, and it’s important to recognize achievement.”

David Driskell, painter, printmaker, scholar, and curator
“We’re talking 150 years of legacy of that which is considered the best in American Art . . . having the lineage of that history is very, very important. It says that I am moving in the tradition of history.”

Bruce Fowle, Founding Principal of FXFOWLE Architects
“One of the primary roles of the Academy is to be a barometer of American culture.”

Wolf Kahn, painter
“I’m not a native-born American. I was a refugee. I think as such, part of my obligation is to take seriously the positive part of American culture.”

William Pedersen, architect and designer
“The Academy represents a long line of artists and architects that stretches to the past and stretches into the future, and the opportunity to be able to take my place in that line and join others that have been influential to me, of course is extraordinary.”

Dorothea Rockburne, painter
“I think the real contribution is making a home for a community of artists . . . To have a place where artists can gather and keep the art dialogue alive, that’s very important.”

Shahzia Sikander, artist working in drawing, painting, animation, large-scale installation, performance and video
“It doesn’t matter where one is born . . . to be part of the larger collective, that for me, is really how I see it progressing, that it will embrace more and more the diverse element in the art world.”

Richard Tuttle, sculptor, painter, printmaker, and designer
“I feel there is a school of American art that goes back to the Industrial Revolution . . . What I try to do is use the highest possible positive energy I can muster and make the very best contribution I can to that school.”