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The faculty of the National Academy School is composed of nationally and internationally regarded professional artist-teachers. Director, Maurizio Pellegrin An artist of international reputation, Maurizio Pellegrin is also a revered arts educator who holds a Master’s Degree in Art History, Ca’ Foscari University in Venice. He has taught at New York University;Teachers College, Columbia University; and the Rhode Island School of Design. As a working artist, he has had more than 150 solo and 400 group exhibitions in major museums and galleries. Click here to learn more about Pellegrin. Talented Faculty. Learn about our distinguished faculty by using the alphabetical search tool to your left.
  •     Sam Adoquei
  •     Jonathan Allmaier
  •     Ingo Appel
  •     Martha Bloom
  •     Kathleen Caraccio
  •     Cathy Choi
  •     Gabriela Dellosso
  •     Lisa Dinhofer
  •     Lotus Do
  •     Henry Finkelstein, NA
  •     Filippo Fossati
  •     Hannah Frassinelli
  •     Borinquen Gallo
  •     Dan Gheno
  •     John Goodrich
  •     Michele LiCalsi
  •     Karen Lindsay
  •     Eric March
  •     Nadia Martinez
  •     Takahiro Maruno
  •     Mary Beth McKenzie, NA
  •     Eric Michelson
  •     Elizabeth O'Reilly
  •     Maurizio Pellegrin
  •     Hall Powell
  •     Philip A. Robinson Jr.
  •     Kamilla Talbot
  •     Weiqing Yuan
  •    Jason Yarmosky