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Warren Bryan Mack1896 - 1952

place of birth: United States of America , Flicksville
place of death: United States of America , Philadelphia

ANA 1944

Warren Mack was principally a teacher and researcher in horticulture and plant nutrition. His work in printmaking was an avocation based on his knowledge of plant life and appreciation of nature. He was self-taught in the graphic arts and specialized in wood engraving. Mack received his Ph.D. (??) in 1915 from Lafayette College. From 1915-1918 he was a science teacher and athletic coach in New Jersey. He then worked as a tester and later assistant to the chief electric engineer at New York Edison Company in New York City. He received is B. Sc. from Pennsylvania State College in 1921. From 1921-23 he was an instructor of pomology at Massachussets Agricultural College. In 1923 he married Pauline Gracia Beery. He received his M. Sc. from Massachusetts State College in 1924. He was appointed to the faculty of Pennsylvania State College in 1923, and received his PhD from Johns Hopkins in 1929. He was appointed head of the department of horticulture at Penn State College in 1937. Mack's engravings are done in a photographic style. While his work reflects his thorough scientific knowledge of plant life, he also treated equally well landscape and architectural themes. Ernest Roth, in recommending Mack for membership in to NAD described Mack's work as having "a beautiful sense of pattern and design." His most important engravings include: Spring Plowing, Cabbages, Spring Snow, Corn Rows, Willows on the Water, Eagles Mere, Chrysler Tower, Waves of Wheat. Mack was proposed to the NAD by John Taylor Arms.