National Academy, photo: David Plakke Media, 2011


A Letter from Maura Reilly, Executive Director

Dear Friends of the National Academy,

Thank you for your support and involvement with the National Academy Museum & School over the years. I am delighted to share breaking news about our venerable 190-year-old organization. We are embarking on a bold initiative that includes the sale of our historic townhouse, creating a first-time permanent endowment and strong financial base, and finding a new home for our museum and extensive permanent collection. We are confident that this measure will re-position the organization for the 21st century and assist our stewardship of our extraordinary collection of 7,700 objects, thereby fulfilling our mission of promoting American art and architecture.

Although the museum has closed, our staff, collection care, and National Academician annual inductions and elections will operate during this transitional phase.

The Academy School will continue uninterrupted with a full roster of courses–Studio Intensive Program, Certificate Program, Young Artists–and we will be building upon our recently launched programs including the Stephen Steigman Fund for Young Artists (middle-school scholarships)–while offering new Workshops and Family programs.

I look forward to keeping you apprised of our progress, and thank you for your support.

Most sincerely,
Maura Reilly, Executive Director

Our Collection

We are currently working on our new and improved Collections page, and can’t wait to share it with you in the near future!  In the meantime, check out select images from the National Academy’s Permanent Collection on Google Arts & Culture, or visit Bridgeman Images

The National Academy Museum’s permanent collection captures the variety and vitality of American art since the early nineteenth century. Each year, the collection continues to grow as the newest cohort of prominent artists and architects elected to the National Academy generously donates from among their work.

Variety & Vitality in American Art.
The permanent collection is home to a varied body of work from sublime landscapes by nineteenth-century masters to abstract paintings by modern and contemporary artists.

Dynamic Dialogues through Special Exhibitions. 
Special exhibitions widen the lens through which American art is viewed and appreciated. These special exhibits are aimed at creating dynamic dialogues with our permanent collection and with the major issues and debates impacting the arts.

ARTalks for You. Join the Conversation.
ARTalks and panel discussions feature contemporary American artists and architects, curators, and critics, providing an energetic forum for learning about the contours of contemporary art in America.