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Philip Pearlstein: Six Paintings, Six Decades.

Since the early 1960s, Philip Pearlstein’s paintings of bored, unemotional nudes have fascinated, captivated, and even confounded viewers, and established him as the most significant living American painter of the nude figure. Philip Pearlstein: Six Paintings, Six Decades, on view February 27 – May 11, 2014, includes six signature works illustrating the broad sweep of the artist’s long engagement with the nude subject.

Pearlstein’s decision to paint the figure in the early 1960s was, at the time, a radical departure from the dominant aesthetic of abstraction and considered by many as reactionary, even retardataire. He has nevertheless persevered for sixty-plus years and remained committed to the nude, creating works that engage with the long history of figure painting in this country and providing inspiration for successive generations of younger artists.