Stephen Steigman Young Artists Program.

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“This fall I applied to LaGuardia High School and the High School of Art and Design, and I was accepted to both – something I never imagined I could do. My teachers at the National Academy School gave me the confidence, skills, and individual help for me to create my portfolio and prepare for the drawing test. I’d love to continue in this program through high school as I learn so much in all parts of my life.” —Kayla Gonzalez, 8th Grade

The National Academy School has been training and inspiring great artists since 1825. In 1990, the Academy’s Young Artists program was established and currently serves approximately 325 children through after-school and Saturday classes, as well as Summer and Winter Camps.

To better serve our youth from a variety of backgrounds, and to broaden the diversity of aspiring artists growing up in our community at-large, the Stephen Steigman Fund for Young Artists program was launched in January 2015, offering full merit scholarships to 10 jury-selected students attending our first partner middle-school, Mt. Carmel-Holy Rosary School, in East Harlem.

Through the generosity and vision of Peggy Flaum and daughter Willy Steigman, a lead multi-year gift was made to support this program in memory of famed photographer Stephen Steigman—the late husband and father of Peggy and Willy, respectively.

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What Does Your Donation Support?

“Before I started taking classes at the National Academy I really didn’t draw actual people. I usually drew from the imagination or a project the teacher would give us. Now, I’m able to draw how a person is taking a pose.” —Raven Williams, 5th Grade

Full scholarships cover the cost of tuition, art supplies, round-trip travel, field trips, and the display of student work in a culminating exhibition.

Students develop skills in drawing, painting, digital photography, and a variety of other media. Lessons include working from observation, live models, and from the imagination. Courses go behind-the-scenes for museum experiences in art conservation and handling, collection care, supervised sketching in various locations, and guided tours of exhibitions.

Students also create portfolios and are mentored by our faculty to support applications to competitive-entry high schools. Since the program’s inception, several students have been accepted to specialized art High Schools.

What are our Accomplishments and Goals?

“I was so intrigued by the layout and designs of the architecture exhibit at the Academy Museum that it has inspired me to want to become an architect!” —Jabari Halls, 8th Grade

Generous support from nearly 40 donors since 2015 has enabled us to accomplish the following:
•    Added three Title 1 partner middle-schools to our roster: MS57, MS964 and MS224 all in East Harlem
•    Increased enrollment to 20 inner-city students attending these additional schools
•    Added a new course, Digital Photography
•    Purchased digital cameras and a photo printer for the students
•    Hired a program leader and youth arts educator as the new Young Artists Program Head
•    Hired additional experienced and diverse young artists instructors

Our goal is to continue building, expanding, and stewarding the Stephen Steigman Young Artists Program. Your donation dollars go a long way to help us support the following initiatives:
•    Scholarship offerings to increase from 20 to 30 students in 2016-2017
•    Recruitment and partnership-building with Title 1 middle and high schools
•    Recruitment of talented School staff and faculty (who specialize in working with youth)
•    Continue to provide high quality art supplies, equipment and technology upgrades, introducing new courses, and hiring live models

Special thanks to all our 2014-2016 donors to the Stephen Steigman Young Artists Program:

Platinum Circle
Stephen Steigman Fund
Betsy and Hunt Lawrence
Peter Leidel

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Robert Appel
Kimberly Holden

Steven and Joy Bunson
Adam Chinn
Eric Fischl, NA
James and Judy O’Brien

Stephanie Terelak Benenson and Clement Benenson
Jeff and Tondra Lynford
Jeffrey Manocherian
Ion Yadigaroglu

Director’s Circle
Gil and Gail Ahye
Sherveen Baftechi
Kathryn Berry
Richard Cameron
Robert Chen
Gerard Guillemot
Kelly and Andre Hunter
Melissa Kaish and Jonathan Dorfman
David Kapp, NA and Cecily Kahn
Mary Mattingly and Steven Reiss
Karin McKinnell
John J. Moore, NA
Coren Sharples

Friends Circle
Dawn Riley
Matthew and Susan Blank
Meghan Boody
Ace Crary
Mary Gail Doerhoefer
Robert I. Haber
Richard Haas, NA
Patricia L. Horing
Taryn Laeben
Dwight E. Lee
Mel Leipzig, NA
Emily McKhann and Andy Cooper
Elisa Orlanski Ours
Catherine Skobe
Glenn J. Waldrip