National Academicians Class of 2018

Becoming a National Academician is one of the highest honors in American art and architecture and cannot be applied for or solicited. In a tradition dating back to 1825, current members confidentially nominate and elect a new class each year, honoring the group’s remarkable contributions to the canon and story of American art. The Class of 2018, the fifth largest in our history, joined more than 420 living members, with over 2,300 elected since our founding.

National Academicians serve as ambassadors for the arts in America. They show work in our exhibitions, foster the next generation through our educational programs, and, in keeping with an almost 200-year-old tradition, contribute a work to our collection. The NAD permanent collection of nearly 8,000 works—unlike any other in the United States, shaped by the National Academician members themselves—represents one of the nation’s most significant holdings of American art and architecture.

The NA Class of 2019 will be announced in fall 2019.


Visual Art

Njideka Akunyili Crosby
Shimon Attie
Mel Chin
Dawn Clements
Cora Cohen
Petah Coyne
Patricia Cronin
Martha Diamond
Angela Dufresne
Hermine Ford
Judy Glantzman
Lisa Hoke
Deborah Kass
Byron Kim
Margrit Lewczuk
Judith Linhares
Deborah Luster
Vik Muniz
Don Porcaro
Joyce J. Scott
Jane South
Hank Willis Thomas
Fred Tomaselli
Sarah Walker
Kay WalkingStick
Peter Williams
Jimmy Wright


Marlon Blackwell (Marlon Blackwell Architects)
Merrill Elam (Mack Scogin Merrill Elam Architects)
Kathryn Gustafson, Jennifer Guthrie, + Shannon Nichol (GGN)
Stephen Kieran + James Timberlake (KieranTimberlake)
Fumihiko Maki (Maki and Associates)
James Wines (SITE)