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May 4 - 5, 2019

A national program of artist and scientist led community walks, CALL/WALKS are a starting point for creative, innovative, and community-led responses to our cities’ most pressing environmental challenges.

The CALL/WALKS demonstrate the power of collaboration to encourage fresh thinking about complex issues. The walks also strengthen communities by creating personal, place-based experiences that promote action and generate practical solutions.

Public walks have always been a major piece of CALL/City as Living Laboratory’s exploration of the environmental and social concerns local communities have, and are a key part of our efforts to initiate productive, responsive, and interesting collaborations. The walks are the seeds from which all CALL’s projects grow.

This year, CALL is expanding our network and launching a national program of walks, funded by the NEA Our Town program. On the first weekend of May, walkers in Baltimore, Milwaukee, NYC, Pittsburgh, Santa Fe & Washington DC will examine the environmental issues in their neighborhoods through the insights of artist and scientist teams. As we launch this national program, we’re developing a toolkit that will be able to be used by communities across the country to lead walks in their neighborhoods to ignite conversations about how their city can best adapt to the contemporary challenges it faces.