Artwork above: Chuck Webster

National Academy Affiliated Fellowship

The National Academy Affiliated Fellowship (NAAF) at the American Academy in Rome, Italy, is an award that supports and honors an exceptional mid-career artist or architect outside of the National Academician membership. Recipients are nominated by NAs, Academy Board members, and staff, and selected by the Abbey Council. The fellowship may not be applied for or solicited.

Past Recipients

✦ Steve DiBenedetto, 2018
✦ Chuck Webster, 2017
✦ Dawn Clements (NA 2018), 2016
✦ Regina Bogat, 2015

The recipients of the 2019 and 2020 NAAF will be announced later this year. Sign up for our e-newsletter to receive updates.



Established in 2015, the NAAF is an award that offers an artist or architect outside the Academy the opportunity to advance his or her skills by living and working in one of the oldest and most inspiring cosmopolitan cities in the world. The fellowship includes eight weeks and studio space at the American Academy in Rome, airfare, full room and board, as well as a stipend for travel and other miscellaneous costs.

The NAAF may not be applied for or solicited. The award is overseen by the Abbey Council, which reviews nominations made by National Academicians, Academy Board members, and staff. Following the internal nomination process, selected nominees are invited to submit a portfolio and proposal, and selected finalists complete an interview with the Council. Once chosen, the recipient selects a time most convenient for the fellowship, depending upon availability at the American Academy in Rome. Within twelve months after the fellowship is completed, the NAAF recipient is required to file a report of work or study pursued while in Rome and is invited to make a presentation to the Abbey Council, the Academy’s Board of Governors, and other guests.

NAAF nominees must be practicing for a minimum of 10 years and have been working in the United States for no less than the past five years. The Council assesses nominations and applications according to the following criteria: established record of achievement and the suitability of qualifications; ability to live and work in a community of scholars, musicians, artists, and architects; and the appropriateness of proposed projects and ideas for making best possible use of the residency.


About the Abbey Council

The NAAF is made possible by the National Academy’s Abbey Fund, which was established thanks to a generous bequest made by Gertrude Abbey, wife of Edwin Austin Abbey (ANA 1901; NA 1902), in 1931. The Abbey Council, led by National Academicians, oversees and stewards the fellowship. Current members are:

✦ James Siena, NA and Chair
✦ Ann Hamilton, NA
✦ Walter Hood, NA
✦ David Humphrey, NA
✦ Elizabeth King, NA
✦ Melissa Meyer, NA
✦ Billie Tsien, NA